Dr Hoogendijk is a specialist Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgeon, both medically and dentally qualified. I was the first Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgeon in South Africa to enter training as a specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery, after qualifying and practicing as a medical practitioner.

I have been in private practice since 2008 and currently holds the position of Senior Specialist in the Department of Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgery at the University of Pretoria, where I oversee the clinic for Head and Neck Oncology & Pathology. I also serve on the Executive committee of the South African Association of Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgeons and works regularly at the Galway University Hospital in Ireland.

I have a special interest in Head and Neck Oncology and Facial reconstruction, an area where my medical degree and experience is a great advantage, and have a multi-disciplinary approach to the management of these patients, working with a selected team of professionals to satisfy the very demanding needs of these patients. I recently relocated my practice to Wilgers Hospital in order to be able to offer all the services these patients with head and neck cancer needs, in a single location.

The practice offers services in minor oral surgery (removal of wisdom teeth and placement of implants), head and neck cancer surgery, head and neck reconstructive surgery, advanced implant reconstructions for patient with severe bone loss of the jaws, orthognathic surgery and tempero-mandibular joint replacements.